People - Human Resource

Organizations are ultimately about people on mission together:  the right people on the bus, to reference the great image from Jim Collins in Good to Great.   Effective organizations are effective because (1) they hire well, (2) they are places where those who are hired are developed and flourish, and (3) they transition well when a person’s tenure with the organization is complete.   

They have policies in place – and honor those policies:  policies that reflect their commitment to make this organization a great place to work. 

Few decisions if any are as crucial to the effectiveness of an organization as the quality and character, the talent and commitment, of the people they hire.   Great organizations attract talent; and they hire well.   And they do it again and again.   They are unabashed in their commitment to recruit well – to wait until they get someone who understands the mission and has the right expertise for the essential role for which they are being hired. 

Those who are hired have clarity about their sphere of responsibility and they know two things:   to whom are they accountable for the quality and character of their work; and, they know how to work laterally with others to accomplish the shared outcomes that are essential to the mission of this organization.

Essential Reading:
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